Non ci resta che il crimine


Rome, 2018. Three long time friends, equipped with little means but an indomitable creative talent, team up to offer a guided Criminal Tour through the symbolic places of the Banda della Magliana, the infamous gang that swept terror in the Eternal City during the Eighties. The idea – so they believe – is going to be a money mine. Vintage clothes, flared jeans, leather jackets, ankle boots and mirrored Ray-Ban glasses… and they’re ready to launch their new enterprise. This is all nice and well, but when an unpredictable trick of fate sends them back in 1982, while the glorious Azzurri climb on top of the pedestal of the Soccer World Cup, they are forced to confront with the real gangsters, currently running the illegal betting market. The meeting with a volcanic and fascinating pole dancer threatens to further mess up their lives.