Echo Hotel

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Italy, the Sixties. Enrico, a freshly married ham radio operator falls in love with Ludmila, a Soviet cosmonaut lost in space. As his career and his marriage fall apart, saving Ludmila becomes his only reason to live.


Echo Hotel is a film project by Marco Marchionni and Menotti. Inspired by an obscure family legend echoing the internet cult of the lost cosmonauts, the story was first developed in 2010 with the Mediterranean Film Institute and traveled to a number of film festivals across Europe and Russia.
The script was picked up by Panorama Films (Italy) and received MEDIA development fundings. Two test scenes from the original script were shot in Rome in 2011.
The film is set to be shot strictly in digital, aiming to curb costs by incorporating mature CGI technologies without sacrificing visual quality. We are currently looking for fundings and co-productions in Russia, Kazakhstan and worldwide.
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