“What has been will be again.
What has been done will be done again.
There is nothing new under the sun”

Ecclesiastes 1:9 (450 BCE)
Work in progress

Echo Hotel

Italy, the Sixties. Enrico, a freshly married ham radio operator falls in love with Ludmila, a Soviet cosmonaut lost in space. As his career and his marriage fall apart, saving Ludmila becomes his only reason to live.



a totalitarian graphic novel


Hot stuff For Big Kids Only

Echo Hotel

A sci-fi romantic comedy in the past

Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot

The first truly Italian superhero movie

Il Gambero Rosso

Illustrations that taste good

Wild b/w Things

Scattered sketches

Storie Tapine

comics about love and misery


Comics about sex and misery


Default text value

Benedetta follia

Il nuovo film di Carlo Verdone

Non ci resta che il crimine

Backwards to the Future


Who I am

Menotti (pen name of Roberto Marchionni) studied arts in Bologna, semiotics in Berlin and filmmaking in New York. As a comic book artist he worked for Italian and international magazines, such as Frigidaire, Comic Art, Blue and Cyborg, where his award-winning graphic novel Europa first appeared. As a screenwriter he wrote a number of TV series, shorts and feature films. Besides Carlo Verdone’s Benedetta Follia, and Massimiliano Bruno’s Non ci resta che il crimine, he is known for Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot, the first Italian superhero film, nominated for best screenplay and winner of seven statuettes at the David di Donatello Awards 2016.


Born in Cortemaggiore on September 23


Moved to Vasto


Started Working as Comic Book Artist in Bologna


Graduated from University of Bologna


Graduated from Technical University of Berlin


Moved to Rome, Italy


Started working as Screenwriter


Studied filmmaking at the NYU


Sitting right here

I’m going to answer this. Really.

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